Daycare and Schedule


Why Dog Daycare

Does your dog destroy your home while you are gone? Are you too tired after working all day to give him the attention and exercise he needs to stay healthy and happy? Does he just need to be spoiled a little more? All of these are great reasons to enroll your K9 kid into Central Park’s Dog Daycare!

Central Park provides a fun, safe, upscale environment for dogs to romp, play, socialize and receive lots of attention from our well-trained staff. For the safety of our smaller guests, we can separate dogs by size and activity levels. We have indoor and outdoor areas with decks, slides, tunnels, wading pools and lots of shade! We are a smoke and flea free facility. Safety of your pet is our number one priority. Our staff is trained in pet CPR and First Aid by Heartland CPR. Groups of dogs are never left unattended. We strive for a employee:dog ratio of 1:10 in the facility and are often much lower. Our employees trained are extensively by The Dog Gurus in dog body language and behavior.

Dog daycare presents dogs with an opportunity to be around others in a safe atmosphere, where our well-trained staff watches them carefully to ensure they are playing nicely. By spending the day with other dogs of the same size and activity level, your dog will naturally be encouraged to run and interact with other dogs. Groups of dogs are never left unattended. We strive for a employee:dog ratio of 1:10 in the facility and are often much lower. Your dog will leave this facility more mentally and physically fit that dogs left alone all day. We will send your puppy home dog tired and ready to relax with you each evening!

To ensure a fun, safe environment, inappropriate play is stopped and good behavior is rewarded. If a dog passes our thorough interview process, but exhibits unacceptable behavior the dog is given a timeout and the owner is informed of the concern. If the behavior continues, we will work with the owner to resolve the problem or the dog will be asked not to return to daycare. We will send your puppy home dog tired and ready to relax with you each evening!

Entrance Requirements: Your dog must complete a brief interview and temperament test.

  • 4 months of age or older.
  • Spayed/neutered if over 6 months.
  • In good health and have current proof of vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPPC, Bordatella) and flea/tick Preventative.
  • Nonaggressive and not toy protective.
  • Your dog is required to wear a “quick release” collar (snap together style) for safety and have an I.D. tag with the dog’s name printed on it.
  • We also require dogs are escorted into and out of the facility on a 5-6 ft. non-retractable leash.

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A Typical Day at Central Park

A typical day can include many of these experiences depending on your drop off/pick up time. We also give much consideration to how we group our packs. We consider each dog’s temperament, energy, and even the weather.

Drop Off

You are welcome to drop off your dog at any time that is convenient for you. We are open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Enrichment Activities 

Tennis ball time- Every dog gets a chance to play fetch with the staff. Even if your pup isn’t much of a retriever, there’s still the fun of chasing all the other ball players!

Outside Play Group – This is the time to stretch out and explore our securely fenced yard. There are toys to hide in and decks to lounge on. Many toys include…

Group Play – Once all the dogs are finished with their lunch/nap, they are back to the paly rooms to ensure they are happy and tired when it is time to go home.

Other activities include: Ball pit, Sand box, Wading pools, Tug toys, Bubbles, Kong balls, and Jolly balls.

Lunch Time

If your dog has no allergies or food sensitivities, we can provide lunch from NutriSource Chicken and Rice Dry Kibble or your dog can bring their own lunch!

Nap Time

Naps are structured through the rotations of the enrichment activities

Pick Up

 You are welcome to pick up your dog at any time. We also offer an after-hours pick up that can be scheduled with our staff. They love seeing their owners after a fun day of play!